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11 Embarrassing Shop Faux Pas You Better Not Make

We’ve all been there – that moment when you realize you’ve committed a shopping blunder that leaves you red-faced and wishing for the ground to swallow you up. To spare you from these cringe-worthy moments, here’s a list of 11 embarrassing shop faux pas that you better avoid like the plague.

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Attempting to discreetly peel off a price tag only to leave behind a trail of sticky residue and tattered edges is an instant giveaway that you’re trying to remove the evidence of a sale. Spare yourself the embarrassment by asking for assistance or embracing the tag – you’re not fooling anyone.

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You spot a salesperson approaching, and in a panic, you whip out your phone for a fake call. But fumbling with your device while delivering a poorly-acted monologue isn’t fooling anyone. Instead, acknowledge their presence and let them know if you need assistance.

Emerging from the dressing room only to find your chosen outfit fits awkwardly or exposes more than intended is a classic shopping nightmare. Always check yourself thoroughly before stepping into the public eye to avoid unintentional fashion faux pas.

Dousing yourself in testers at the fragrance counter might seem like a good idea, but the resulting cloud of conflicting scents is not only overpowering but also a faux pas that lingers long after you’ve left the store. A gentle spritz on a testing strip is more than sufficient.

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